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HOMEQUBEDivision 02 – Existing ConditionsMetazoan NFT #1/300

Division 02 – Existing Conditions

Metazoan NFT #1/300

460000.00 USDC

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Division 02 – Existing Conditions

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Product Description

The Densetsu No Sanbyaku are the fabled 300 champions of Planet Felisius’ who protected their homeworld against massive alien attack thousands of years ago, their legendary exploits have been told countless times and have been a guiding light to all Felisian warriors.Also known as the Final Guardians of the Old Empire, their limited numbers belie the astounding power these near-mythical defenders possess with each cat capable of facing an army on its own. Valiantly clad in their best fighter gears and trusted weapons,
individual cats are unique and adorned specially according to their respective warrior-class.With each battle-gear expertly designed and crafted by Metadhana smiths and armor-weavers, all 300 legendary unique warriors are carefully immortalized in the Polygon Hall of Heroes. Take your chosen champions and relive their glorious purpose once again in Metazoan Chronicles: Densetsu No Sanbyaku!

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